Proudly Representing Various Electronic Manufacturers

RF Antenna Modules, GPS, and RF System Solution in a single module, hardware and software solutions.

Aluminum Electrolytic, Film, Power Film, AC Oil Filled, Super Capacitors, Mica Capacitors, Rechargeable Batteries, and Aluminum Electrolytic Flat Pack.

High Power, High Voltage, and Non-Inductive Thick Film Resistors.

Switching Power Modules, Planar Transformers, EMI Filter Inductors, High Voltage Transformers, RF and Tuned Inductors, LC and Notch Filters, Antenna and Sensor Coils, Transponder Coils for RFID, and Specialty Magnetic Devices.

Current and Voltage Transducers Solutions for measuring electrical parameters.

LED Products: Visible and Non-Visible, Custom Modules, Assemblies, IRDA, and Sensor Modules.

Custom Thermal Solutions, Precision Molding, Metal Injection Molding, Heat Sinks, Cold Plates, BGA Heat Sinks, Heat Pipe, and Die Castings.

IGBTs, DIPIPMs, IPMs, KIPIPM, SIC Modules, Gate Drivers, and MOSFET Modules.

Capacitors, Thermistors, Wireless and Bluetooth Modules, RF Components, EMI and RF Sensors, RF ID Products, Sound Components, ESD Protectors, and Resonators.

DC-DC Connectors, AC/DC Power Supplies, Digital Panel Meters, Data Acquisition, and Magnetics.

CSTN and TFT LCD Modules, Character Modules, Touch Screens, Graphic Modules, and TAB and COG Modules.

MOSFETs, Power Rectifiers, Bridge Rectifiers, Diodes, DIAC and Thyristors, Optocouplers, Linear and Switching Regulators, Amplifiers and Comparators, LED Drivers, and Hall Effect Sensors.

Micro DC/DCs, Voltage Regulators, Diodes, Battery Charger ICs, and Voltage Detectors.