Proudly Representing Various Electronic Manufacturers

RF Antenna Modules, GPS & RF System Solution in a single module, hardware and software solutions.

Aluminum Electrolytic, Film, Power Film, AC Oil Filled, Super Capacitors, Mica Capacitors, Rechargeable Batteries and Aluminum Electrolytic Flat Pack.

Power and Ultra-High Power Resistors, High Voltage Cylindrical and Flat Resistors, Voltage Dividers and Network Resistors, High Precision Metal Film Resistors, Ultra-High Precision Carbon Disc Resistors, Shunts and Custom Designed Resistors.

Micro DC/DCs, Voltage Regulators, Diodes, Battery Charger ICs and Voltage Detectors.

Industrial NAND Flash Memory, Industrial SATA/PATA SSD, Micro SD and USD Memory Cards, EMMC & USSD, X-PHY AI Cybersecurity Innovation.

LED Products: Visible and Non-Visible, Custom Modules, Assemblies, IRDA & Sensor Modules.

Custom Thermal Solutions, Precision Molding, Metal Injection Molding, Heat Sinks, Cold Plates, BGA Heat Sinks, Heat Pipe and Die Castings.

CSTN & TFT LCD Modules, Character Modules, Touch Screens, Graphic Modules, and TAB & COG Modules.

PTC &NTC Thermistors, PPTC Polymer Resettable Fuses, Temp. Sensors, Varistors & TVS Diodes

Cable Assemblies, Wire Harnesses, FFC Cable, Connectors, Flash Memory Socket, PCB Card Socket, 1/0 Connector, FPC Connector, Micro Coaxial RF Connector, Circular Connector and Pogo Pins

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LED/IBGT Gate Drivers (SIC/GaN), IC & Transformer Products, AC/DC Converters, On-board Convertor Modules, Enclosed SMPS Power Supplies, Din Rail Power Supplies, Single Isolation, Transceiver Module, Isolation Amplifier, DC/DC Converters, Switching Regulator, Fixed Input, Wide Input, High Voltage Output Converter