Proudly Representing Various Electronic Manufacturers

RF Antenna Modules, Hardware and Software solutions, GPS & RF System Solution in a single module

Cable Assemblies, Wire Harnesses, FFC Cable, Connectors, Flash Memory Socket, PCB Card Socket, 1/0 Connector, FPC Connector, Micro Coaxial RF Connector, Circular Connector and Pogo Pins

Design, and Manufacture of Solar Panel, Electric Vehicle Charger, Portable Power Station, Battery Energy Storage System, and Microgrid System for residential, commercial, and utility scale.

PTC &NTC Thermistors, PPTC Polymer Resettable
Fuses, Temp. Sensors, Varistors & TVS Diodes

Power and Ultra-High Power Resistors, High Voltage Cylindrical and Flat Resistors, Voltage Dividers and Network Resistors, High Precision Metal Film Resistors, Ultra-High Precision Carbon Disc Resistors, Shunts and Custom Designed Resistors.

LED Products: Visible and Non-Visible, Custom Modules, Assemblies, IRDA & Sensor Modules.

CSTN & TFT LCD Modules, Character Modules, Touch Screens, Graphic Modules, and TAB & COG Modules.

Custom Thermal Solutions, Precision Molding, Metal Injection Molding, Heat Sinks, Cold Plates, BGA Heat Sinks, Heat Pipe and Die Castings.

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LED/IBGT Gate Drivers (SIC/GaN), IC & Transformer Products, AC/DC Converters, On-board Convertor Modules, Enclosed SMPS Power Supplies, Din Rail Power Supplies, Single Isolation, Transceiver Module, Isolation Amplifier, DC/DC Converters, Switching Regulator, Fixed Input, Wide Input, High Voltage Output Converter

Micro DC/DCs, Voltage Regulators, Diodes, Battery Charger ICs and Voltage Detectors.